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20 September 2008


Alissa Elliott

Ah, now I see what you were working on so secretly yesterday. This was a nice surprise in my RSS feed this morning!


So very glad to hear that things are normalizing. I am willing to bet that you have a much different perspective on being a patient than any of your fellow handy men. LOL. Get it Handy. So I am still draining all the mental water from our most recent hurricane. But seriously you have had a long hard recovery. And I think that absolutley differentiates you as a fellowship candidate. Of course I am biased. Please continue to keep up us all in the loop.

Tom Kraikit

Woohooo!!!!! So glad to get your update, and even more glad that things are positive :-)

Andre Ramos

Your journey to Chicago and back are a relief to read and an uplifting news flash. It's great to hear you're gaining weight too! I can't wait to hear about your reentry to the 80 hour work week fellowship. FUN TIMES!


Sam, just wonderful news. Am so glad to hear you almost 100% Hope to see you soon.. maybe a high tea in Nyc?


Yeah, Sam, this is really terrific to hear. Got to "hand" it to you. Wow, such a stupid pun that even I considered not posting it.



You don't know me, but I'm a friend of a friend of yours... Augustine Kim. I was reading through some old emails back and forth I'd had with him about a party he attended with you in January, and it's fantastic to hear that you're doing so much better. I'm not sure if you heard or not, but Augustine passed away two weeks ago... he had a heart attack while playing basketball, the morning after your post here. He really would have been incredibly happy to know you were feeling that much better. Congratulations.


Hey Sam! It's so great to hear that you are feeling better. I hope things work out with your fellowship. Please let me know next time you're coming down to the Burgh!

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