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05 July 2008



congrats sam!!! this is a great day! i have been thinking about you and how far you have come - you are truly amazing and inspiring. hang in there.

Mike Smith


Congrats on day 100!! Keep it up, see you soon!

Amanda Cox

happy cente-day-ial! wish my latin were better, so i could figure how to properly say that. at any rate, you know what i mean! i am so happy to see the post and even happier that you are going to the gym more than me these days. keep pumping iron and keep making leukocytes!! xoxo.


I commend to you the hearty Iowa City Hamburg Inn tradition of pie shakes.


Good luck on your caloric journey.


Well, that was ugly. TinyURL:


Hey! You should call me when you come down to Pittsburgh next time. We have founds some good restaurants that might help with your appetitie. =) Congrats on hitting the 100 day mark! (although you are further than that now..)


Hi Sam, I'm a friend of Alissa's I think we may have met once at a post-Farsi class dinner, but you don't know me. Still, I have heard about you from Alissa so often and have thought of you many times over the past few months and wondered how you were doing. I'm glad now to see your blog and be able to congratulate you on passing Day 100 (and now reaching probably Day 140 or so, since you posted this a while ago)!

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