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06 January 2008


Rivka Spivak

Sam - your friends want to be there for you. To rally for you, support you and do whatever it is that we can. We don't all know what that is - how to best help or what to do - but we're going to try and hope that you know you can ask your friends for anything.


Hey Sam, hope your "plan B" works. All of your friends are pulling for you!


Hey Sam, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you too, if you're in CT and need anyone to hang out with, just let me know.


Hey Sam, like Adrian, I am also here if you need anything or just want to hang out. In fact, it's easy enough for Adrian and I to hop a train down to Stamford. Just let me know.


Have you and Drs. H and M discussed getting treated in Europe or another location where the clinical trials are typically further along?



I ain't a prayer, but my heart is with you and in my throat at the same time. I hope plan B goes well, but there's another 24 letters of the alphabet after B. Don't lose hope. Your spirit needs to be fighting for you!

Andrew Petro

Hey Sam, I too wanted to voice my support. If there's anything I can do... Praying for you.

Dr. Sam

Thanks folks... But we are still hoping for Plan A here!


We're all wishing right along with you Sam. And even hoping too. :) See you Sunday!

Donna G. Vera Paul Vera's wife

Paul has been keeping me informed on your battle. The last page brought tears to my eyes. I will pray for your platelet count to get over 100 and for the cancer to start retreating. Hope and pray for a miracle. I know that sounds silly, but I believe great things can happen even when we lose.


sam-o, we are all here for you. i can't imagine what it feels like, but know that we are pulling for you! try not to give up. we love you!


Sami, if lives were Theme Parks, your's is offering the grand daddy of all Roller Coasters. After all the wicked twists and turns, you have now done a hard bank into a tunnel, upside down in an apparent free fall, with lots of scary sounds in the cold misty, darkness. You must trust that you will come storming out of this tunnel, back out into the light, and eventually pull back up slowly to the turn stiles, from where we're all cheering you on in amazement as you take this frightening ride, daringly and bravely all the way through.

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