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14 August 2006



A) Did you glow in the dark? And if so, where can I get some of that "sugar"?
B) If you should need to do this process again anytime soon, please refer to Kami on advice regarding Minimal Brain Activity.

Rivka Spivak

Interesting. Our brains sucks up glucose when we think ... hmmm ...So "Fat & Stupid" really do go together. Now someone just needs to tell me how much reading is needed to burn through an order of french fries ...

Thanks for the update. This waiting must be driving you crazy.

Alissa Elliott

So in 2006 you've already had two CTs and a PET? And all I've had is only measly MRI of a lower extremity? I better find a black market SPECT machine or you're going to win the Most Medical Scans of the Year Award. You're already one item ahead of me in the Most Significant Purchases from Apple in 2006 category. And what is life but a series of contests against your friends?

Shawn Bayern

I dunno -- from what I hear, it sounds like it's relatively easy not to think about anything when you read the YNY-L mailing list. Too bad they didn't have a computer you could use. :)

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