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27 October 2008


Alissa Elliott

Sam, when you said "so that we may figure out which combination in most ideal" did you mean to say "so that we may figure out which combination is least horrifying"?

Because obviously any commute that starts with waking up at 5:00 am is bound to be horrifying. We're merely trying to mitigate the pre-dawn horror.


As you know I get to see people fighting and suffering with cancer every day. And I also get to see the extraordinary care givers who walk with each patient on their journey. So I am very glad to hear you complain about normal things like commutes and long work days. That must mean that you are back in the care giver side and able to help your patients in their own path to wellness. Bravo. I will send more mixes to help you make the best of living that normal life complete with normal challenges. You certainly deserve that after the last year. Just think how much better off you are as someone who was not expecting cancer. It could have been so much worse. You may not have been expecting the Spanish Inquisition. Then where would you be?

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