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10 April 2008



Alissa who? Who is this individual who thinks she can hijack Drsam? And how is she so adept at finding the right compromise of hard-nosed medical reporting with the right dose of UWS humor?! Did she hack into the site? Is she a Roumanian black knight? Security!

I hope this is only temporary and that you will soon find the energy to pick up your digital quill and write your own updates. Sleeping in your own bed will be nice. Let me know (assuming you're a fan) when your eating strength is back to normal: I'll make you a batch of Madeleines. Alissa makes them with lard. I use butter.

take care,



We are overjoyed to hear of your progress Sam! In honor of your step forward step back process I have decided I too will challenge my life in similar fashion. So today, even though I could have taken my company car to one of Houstons airports, I drove my new pick up truck at break neck speed (5 mph) into a small tree in the median of a rainslicked Texas st. I know what you are thinking, "Paul, I never asked any friends to make ridiculous personal sacrifices to the gods of bone marrow transplants." And of course you have not. Just so you know the kind of devoted total mutt jobs you have for friends I thought I would raise the stakes on demonstrative affection and humor. For the record it had to have been the slowest andmost pathetic destruction of a pickup inthe history of pick ups and trees. Suffice to say crumple zones really work...Sometimes too well.

Love and respect. Follow his gourd.



hang in there sam! alissa - thanks for the great posts! keep me posted on when same can eat one of his personalized M&Ms =)

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