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08 February 2008



Hey, that's great news, Sam! I hope you have good luck with the rest of the process as well, and it's good to know this is working out.

Also, some time when you're in NH for Arian's class, we three should make it to dinner together, get pizza or something.




Awesome, Sam, congrats. We're all in this with you 'til you're all the way there.

Aunti Farideh

sami Jan: What a cute picture of you and Normy.Although anyone of us would have been happy to give you our stem cells I am so happy that Normy is the one because as you know he is the perfect match. And also it is about time that he should pay back for all those free rides on your shoulders.
Love Aunti Farideh

Amanda Cox

I love that picture. Maybe after the transplant you will have long curly locks too!! I am glad that, for the time being, things are going smoothly and that you are looking forward.

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