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15 November 2007



Hey Dr Sam, what a tale so far! Thanks for sharing it. I hope to follow your brave example.

I visit my haematologist on 19 Nov to find out whether the second chunk of tumor that was incisionally excised a couple of weeks ago has provided enough clues to enable him to plan a treatment schedule. So far the indication has been "nodular sclerosing Hodgkins lymphoma" - but not conclusively so.

Interestingly I also had bad gingivitis-like symptoms (including loss of teeth), and then severe lower intestinal cramping/blockage, just prior to the sudden emergence (literally overnight) of a lump in my neck which has alarmingly continued to grow (though a regime of fresh juices seems to have arrested it of late).

Was not happy to read about the diet that chemo involves as I have come to enjoy concocting fresh vegetable juice cocktails.

This blog is very helpful in preparing me for what may be to come. Many thanks.

All strength to you, brother.


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