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06 November 2006


Rivka Spivak

Yay Emily!

I don't know you. But Sam's blog has been incredibly boring lately. Yay you.

Rivka Spivak

Dear me: Here's my shopping list:
1 bag of Ice
case of diet coke
orange juice

(since I check this regularly, but sam isn't updating now that he's like, healthy and all, I might as well make it useful as a scratchpad)

Dr. Sam

Well Rivka, I appreciate your comments too, since otherwise I wouldn't have anything to read on this stale blog either!


Rivka Spivak

oh bummer. It was cool when it was blogspam. But now that you "appreciate" this, I've lost any joy I previously felt in vandalizing you. I mean, vandalizing your blog.

mesosad :(

So um, any sniffles, colds, gastric upset, hangovers, irregular periods? anything?

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